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Duncan Grisby duncan-news at
Mon Jun 23 14:58:59 CEST 2003

I just noticed an "interesting" addition to the omniORB Wiki. There's
a small page about Python on the Wiki, and someone added a link to
www.python (without the space). If you go to that site, you
find a collection of old information about Python, that I've seen
somewhere before. Interspersed throughout the text are various links
to porn sites. It makes quite amusing reading in places, like

  "...At least one company (Digital Creations) is selling a suite of
  server side _naked man_ tools using Python. And finally, Python has
  been used to implement a web browser (Grail)."

I assume this is an attempt to get the porn sites indexed, which is
why I've broken the URL above. The omniORB Wiki probably isn't the
only one that has been edited, so if you look after a Python related
Wiki, I'd suggest you check for and remove any links to that site.

The individual has also registered sites about css and Apache, with
similar edited content.



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