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>Anders Hammarquist wrote:
>> Gerrit Holl  <gerrit at> wrote:
>> >hee de her linus torvalds oh ja utallar linux linux ;)
>> and that would really be:
>> Hej, det här är Linus Torvalds och jag uttalar Linux Linux.
>This post actually more than quadruples the number of Google results
>on this phrase (:

Fascinating! (And this would make it 8 then.)

>"Hej" --> "Hello"?
>"det" --> "This"?
>"har" --> "here"?
>"ar" --> "is"?
>"och" --> "and"?
>"jag" --> "I"?
>"uttalar" --> "pronounce'?

Yes, though the phrase "det här är" is probably best translated as just
"this is".


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