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: woodworking ???????

    Please see the post listed on alt.troll  That's what's happening.


Background info:

A woman, Perry (bentcajungirl), from the dog groups
(rec.pets.dogs.breeds, alt.support.grief.pet-loss, etc) accidentally
poisoned her dog, Maggie, with some woodworking glue. Before the dog
died, she cross-posted her announcement to the woodworking group to
see if anything could be done to save the dogs life. The resident
troll from the doggie groups, Jerry Howe AKA "The Puppy Wizard"
started flaming her like crazy on the dog groups and cross-posted
everything to woodworking too.

The dog eventually died, and Puppy Wizard kept telling her it was her
fault and making her feel like shit. The woodworking people are sick
of the cross-posts. This is a very boring group, but the people bite.

For more detailed background info, go to Google groups and do a search
on these keywords "puppy wizard" "maggie" in rec.woodworking and

Special woodworking assholes:

Bay Area Dave
Jim McNamara
Rex Ward
Mark & Juanita

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