Tk vs wxPython ?

Aurélien Géron ageron at
Wed Jun 4 19:34:21 CEST 2003

> > ** Why isn't Python shipped with wxPython instead of Tk ? **
> Although I pretty much agree with everything you said in your post,
> I just want to make two small points:
> 1. Tkinter is pretty much considered standard, so removing it would
> be a bit of problem for many people.
> 2. wxPython is a *really* easy download and install, so there's relatively
> little advantage in making it a standard part of the distribution.  It's
> also not really small, so bloating the standard distribution still further
> to include it (assuming Tkinter is not actually removed first) would be
> bad.
> -Peter

Very good points.

Though... one could argue that Tkinter would also be easy to download and
install and that way people would be given the choice.  :-)

I guess a good compromise would be to leave Tkinter in place, but to make it
clear in the documentation that for any serious GUI development, wxPython
would be the way to go (along with a link to download it of course).

Actually, maybe the link is already there, but I certainly did not notice


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