py2exe and dynamic service installation ?

Thomas Heller theller at
Tue Jun 24 11:15:16 CEST 2003

mmillikan at writes:

> The attached diff to py2exe v.0.3.4 run_svc.c adds the following optional
> command line args to the users exe file:
> -service <desired name>
> -display <display name>
> -depends <pipe|separated|dependencies>
> -user    <account name>
> -pass    <password>
> -auto    no param, sets service to autostart
> Rebuild the py2exe interpreters by running 'python build' in
> the py2exe directory.
> This is only lightly tested and not yet used in production.
> I also have a run_svc_w.c which provides a consoleless analog to
> run_w.c (usefull for avoiding 'flashing window syndrome' when bundling
> exe's for use within an installer such as NSIS or Inno Setup).

If you want this to be included in the next px2exe release,
please upload it as a patch to the SF tracker:

Myself I use Wise, which can register the service itself, so I had no
need for this. Is a separate console version and console-less version
needed? For debugging?

Besides, I would think that eventually the best approach would be to
rewrite PythonService.cpp (which is used by run_svc.c) in pure python
with ctypes, but currently I have neither a need nor time for this.


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