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Gerrit Holl <gerrit at> wrote:
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>> I'm new here, so maybe this is a debate that has been going on already.  If
>> that's the case, please ignore this post...
>> ** Why isn't Python shipped with wxPython instead of Tk ? **
> This has been very extensively discussed in the past. Without any
> satisfactory (to me at least) conclusion though, because Python
> is still shipped with Tk ;). This one, I think the first long one
> and the most comprehensive, contains a lot of information:
> I am certainly not going to ignore your post, however.
>> Any comments on this ? Anyone else want to vote ?
> Maybe we - being the people wanting to move to WxPython - should write a PEP...

Although I would very much like to see wxPython become an accepted part
of the standard library, I shudder to think of the flamewar that would
result from discussion of such a PEP. If you thought the ternary
operator discussion was bad, "you ain't seen nothin' yet, pardner"! :-)

Well, given that this is, it would probably be a friendly
flamewar for the most part, but a flamewar it would be.

That doesn't mean a PEP shouldn't be written; it does mean that I, for
one, am *not* volunteering to write it. :-)

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