You know you're a Pythonista when..

Mike Rovner mike at
Sat Jun 14 01:43:55 CEST 2003

"Skip Montanaro" <skip at> wrote in message
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> Me too from time to time.  Someone else mentioned using Python as their
> login shell.  Just for the hell of it I created an account named "skippy"
> my laptop with the same privileges as my normal "skip" account but with
> Python instead of Bash as my login shell:
> Seems to work so far.  I'll have to mess around with it a bit...

It's a matter of personal taste of cause, but IMHO python was _not_ designed
with that in mind
opposed to, say, Tcl. In a interactive shell I'd like to have easy access to
external commands,
history of expressions (like gdb), easy redirections etc.
Look at the ipython bending of python syntax to achieve that -- it's not
python anymore.
So I stick with bash meanwhile still doing any scripts with python (not to
mention programming in python).

My 0.02

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