SICP in Python, redux

legere rjljr2 at
Sun Jun 29 19:04:56 CEST 2003

This is a follow up to an earlier thread about working through
"Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs" (Abelson, Sussman,
and Sussman) using Python.  Inspired by that thread, and as I have
already worked through this book, and love it, I thouht I would go
through it again, but this time using python. However,  I am only
going to implement in python those scheme
programs that I find interesting, or that I think might be diffcult in

I have placed some thoughts and my efforts (which include the circuit
simulator of chapter 3) on my web site:

I will be updating it as I go, so the '' file you find
there will be changing, without notice ;)


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