cgi getlist() problem (my first python program)

Gobo Borz goboborz at
Fri Jun 20 16:44:23 CEST 2003

John J. Lee wrote:

> eval??  I must be misunderstanding what your problem is.  You do
> realise that variable names in a program don't have to match the names
> you put in your markup, right?

I had no problem writing the html using either method - name1, name2, 
etc, or using the same name.  It's in getting the values that was 
causing a me problem. In getfirst('fieldname') or getlist('fieldname'), 
the 'fieldname' does have to match the name in markup. I see now that it 
would be easy to construct that name dynamically during iteration. Thanks!

> Why *would* you expect to find an example that exactly matches your
> particular problem?
The problem I was having is a general problem that would exist (at 
least, for me) in any multi-row html form - a common thing to do with 
html.  I didn't even present my particlular problem - I changed the 
field names to something general - my actual form is not a phone list at 
all - it didn't want to clutter the issue with a vertical industry 
example. :)

Again, thanks for the help! -Greg

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