Python/400 for AS/400 OS v4r3

andyj andrew.jewell at
Tue Jun 10 15:28:06 CEST 2003


Does anyone know where I can find a cached or mirrored copy of the
*OLD* Python 2.1 release for the AS/400 ?  Does anyone happen to have
the files just lying round in a dusty corner of their system?

We have an old AS/400, running OS/400 v4r3, which, for various
reasons, can't be upgraded to a newer version, but I was hoping to use
Python for unit-testing on it.

I've emailed Per Gummedal, Python for AS/400 's author, but he doesn't
have it anymore - he says he'd already purged it from his system
before he found out it wouldn't run on v4r3 :-(

I was hoping someone out there may have the relevant zip files...  ( I
know it's a long shot )


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