Calling function in shared lib

Fernando Perez fperez528 at
Wed Jun 4 19:22:01 CEST 2003

Olaf Wasmuth wrote:

> I am trying to write python code that is able to invoke
> a function that was compiled into a shared library
> (actually, FORTRAN routines).  I did succeed for a specific
> routine in a specific library, but now I want to do this
> in a more flexible way.
> That is, given the library path and the "signature" of the
> routine (e.g. from a configuration file) at run time, I
> would like to call this function from within Python. My
> target platform is Unix (Solaris), so I'm thinking of
> using the GNU libltdl to access the library and do the
> call. But how can I feed the parameters into it ? Did
> anybody do this already, or do you have some pointers
> for me ?


It's a dream.  Check the mailing list archives for some notes I wrote on how to
get started, which can be used as a companion to the standard docs.  Mail me if
you can't find it.



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