Totally Confused: Passing variables to functions

Asun Friere afriere at
Fri Jun 13 04:16:15 CEST 2003

Steven Taschuk <staschuk at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1055437744.6958.python-list at>...
> Quoth Asun Friere:
>   [...]
> > read news on Google Groups and (I confess without having looked into
> > it) it appears that the '>>>' fools the renderer into thinking this a
> > quoted comment which seems to strip our the following newline.  Eg.
> > when someone writes:
> > >>>foo
> > None
> > It is displayed as:
> > >>>foo None
> > which can be a little bit annoying to read.  Nothing more than that.

I lied, :/ actually I forgot, till I saw my message posted, doh!. 
This is what really happens:
>>> foo
>>> bar
>>> baz

displays as:
>>> foo None
>>> bar None
>>> baz

Or to give a real example (as I should have done in the first place),
this excerpt from message 11, as it looks to me:

Then try (note the space before the dot):
>>> 1 .__hex__ <method-wrapper object at 0x007B5BD0>
>>> 1 .__hex__()

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