Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Jun 4 20:02:22 CEST 2003

Reginald Blue wrote:
> Hi.  I'm an old school woodworker looking to modernize my skill set.  I want
> to focus on one new tool.  Should I choose:
> Hammer
> Screwdriver (phillips)
> Screwdriver (flat head)
> Chisel
> Rasp
> File
> Saw
> Socket Wrench
> Monkey Wrench
> or Box Wrench?

>From the list given, it would seem that a good strong flat head screwdriver
would be perhaps the most effective across the widest range of opportunities,
followed closely but somewhat more aggressively by the hammer.

By the way, you left out the Robertson screwdriver from your list, surely
Canada's most important contribution to the world of tools**.


** Bob and Doug Mckenzie being only our _second_ most important tools...

(See , and no apologies if you 
hate popups...)

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