Using Python as a tool for testing homogeneous systems

Andy Jewell andy at
Fri Jun 27 22:51:28 CEST 2003

On Friday 27 Jun 2003 8:37 pm, Roy Smith wrote:
> >> Python is *too* damned good: and they haven't made me stop using
> >> it at work, either; in fact I've just spent a few weeks doing some
> >> really intensive Python development... to test RPG code!
> I don't see anything strange about that.  I used to work on a system
> that included a lot of TCL and SQL.  I wrote a lot of QA tools for that
> stuff in Python.

Not strange, per se, Roy, just strange for my company, which has a 
track-history of skimping on such things as testing.

More importantly, I feel this is a mile-stone, marking the beginning of proper 
formalised testing methods.

For the record, I always knew Python was good at such things (at least since I 
started using it anyway).  Many, many postings here in have proven 
this as time has gone by.

I wasn't trying to claim a 'first', nore even to be breaking new ground.  I 
just wanted to congratulate the collective on a small, but to me, significant 


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