testing two lists for equality

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Fri Jun 20 12:13:12 CEST 2003

Steven Taschuk wrote:
> Quoth David Eppstein:
>   [...]
> > The difference is that "lexicographically" has a recognized precise
> > mathematical meaning.  Your alternatives don't convey that meaning to me
> > unless you describe what you do with the results of the sequential
> > comparisons, e.g.
>   [expansion of "lexicographically"]
> > But that seems a bit cumbersome to me...
> I'd leave "lexicographically" in the main flow of text, but add a
> footnote explaining the term, with text such as David suggests.

Excellent idea.  At least that way those (many of us?) who don't 
know the precise mathematical meaning, and who are unable to find
it by searching quickly on dict.org!, will have a chance to 
understand what it means...

I think Raymond's first suggestion, "compared by sequentially comparing 
corresponding items" is an excellent expansion of the term, assuming
it is also an accurate one.


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