WTF is Fibonnacci

Christopher Koppler klapotec at
Sat Jun 21 23:07:18 CEST 2003

Peter Hansen wrote:

> Byron Morgan wrote:
> > 
> > Which reminds me of the IQ test usually failed by anyone over the age of 7:
> > 
> > Find the pattern in this series:
> > 1 11 21 1112 3112 211213 312213 212223 114213
> > Or at least I think that is it.
> References please, for the implied claim that this is a test that is passed by 
> normal children under the age of 8?
> (Or did you mean to imply that the test is _always_ failed by those under
> the age of 8?)
> -Peter

I know I passed that when I was in the first grade of elementary school
(an uncle of mine showed it to me). That, of course, proves nothing.

BTW, that series seems to *always* quite quickly converge on a stable
number or pair of numbers, whatever the starting value... anyone have a
proof? Or a name for the series, for that matter?


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