OT: dav/webdav uri scheme?

Alan Kennedy alanmk at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 8 21:24:09 CEST 2003

Andrew Dalke wrote:
> So I want my user's main page (after login) to have a link to
> "manage jobs" which points the webdav client to
>   http://server/userhome/jobs
> As far as I can tell, this is impossible.  There is a 'dav:' uri
> scheme but it isn't supported in IE nor in Safari.  (That is,
> "dav:server/userhome/jobs" and "webdav:server/ ... " both
> give be a "not supported" error.)
> Does anyone here know a way  to tell the web browser
> to use the webdav client to connect to a server's resource?


This code should do what you need, in IE 5+ anyway. I have no idea of how you
could achieve it in other browsers.

>Open In Web Folder</a>

Should be cleaner than the copy & paste solution you're thinking of.

If you find out how to do it in other browsers, I'd be glad to hear about it
thanx :-).


alan kennedy
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