Tk vs wxPython ?

Aurélien Géron ageron at
Wed Jun 4 20:52:26 CEST 2003

Thanks for all the good info.  I'll check out these librairies.

Nice and reactive newsgroup!  I appreciate it.


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> Aurélien Géron wrote:
> > [Tkinter vs. wxPython]
> > I guess a good compromise would be to leave Tkinter in place, but to
> > make it clear in the documentation that for any serious GUI development,
> > would be the way to go (along with a link to download it of course).
>  From what I hear on this list, it is possible to do serious GUI
> development with all of the major toolkits (Tki, wx, GTK, Qt). FWIW
> Tkinter people tend to use Pmw for additional funtionality.
> I understand your initial excitement for wxPython. FWIW I plan to
> seriously check out PyGTK for GUI programming. It seems to be pretty
> usable on win32 as well with the version based on GTK2. If you're
> concerned about GTK apps not having the native Windows look and feel you
> should read the PyGTK FAQ :-)
> Here's the link:
> -- Gerhard

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