Apache mod_python problem?

whale whale at mycameo.com
Tue Mar 25 05:49:42 CET 2003

I use Apache2.0.44 and mod_python3.0.1.
I add ProxyPass and PythonHandler directives in httpd.conf
## httpd.conf
ProxyPass  /test/  http://www.test.com
ProxyPassReverse  /test/   http://www.test.com
<Location />
    AddHandler python-program .htm .html
    PythonHandler mptest

And mptest.py:
from mod_python import apache
def handler(req):
    return apache.OK

ex. My apache server is www.server.com.
When I browsed the local server request(ex.
I received 'Hello!!' response, the python handler worked well.
But when I browse the proxy request(ex.
the response I received is the original content of
http://www.test.com/1.html, not 'Hello!!'.
The proxy requests didn't seem to be processed by mod_python handler.
How could I pre-process the proxy request before mod_proxy module?
Thanks a lot!!

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