script filename and autorun

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Mar 18 18:51:10 CET 2003

Lexy Zhitenev wrote:
> "Simon Dahlbacka" wrote in message news:3e77229a$1 at
> > 2) is it enough with just a key "python
> > c:\whateverthepathistomyprogram\" in ...\Run or do I also need full
> > path to python?
> It is enough on WinNT, 2000 and XP, but it won't work on Win9x branch. You
> will have to write full path to interpreter. Of course it has to be
> installed.

I was surprised by this conclusion, so I tested it out just now myself on 
Win98 SE.

I put a "Peter Test" key in Run, with "c:\" in it.  It consists
of this:

 import time
 f = open('c:/runtest.log', 'a')
 print >>f, "I was run!",time.time()

I rebooted and after logging in again, there was a runtest.log file with
the expected content.

So I guess it actually works with a properly configured machine even
on Win98.


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