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> The only thing I can find on Mark's site has to do with
> SpamBayes.
> What is an "Outlook plugin", and how does it help in fetching
> the full message headers?

He's referring to my desire to process the Outlook messages for use with 
SpamBayes. Spambayes is a python based spam filter and Mark Hammond has 
written a plugin for that works Outlook. Unfortunately something is 
befouled with my version of Outlook.  The plugin installed ok and worked 
fine until the next time I restarted Outlook.  The next time I brought up 
Outlook, the plugin was gone, and I get an error when I try to restart it.  
I don't think the plugin is to blame as I've had other strange happenings 
with Outlook before.  I also would prefer to use something other than the 
plugin simply because I can easily switch e-mail applications if I need to.


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