OT: Re: Prime number algo... what's wrong?

Max Khesin max at cNOvSisiPonAtecMh.com
Thu Mar 27 21:59:01 CET 2003

Here is the land of sensless warmongering we prefer our first names be used
in a friendly/intellectual discussion :).

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"Peter Hansen" <peter at engcorp.com> wrote in message
news:3E836408.72F35838 at engcorp.com...
> Max Khesin wrote:
> >
> > David, I would prefer that my first name be used instead of treating me
as a
> > schoolboy.
> Just an FYI: this is perhaps more a cultural difference, than a sign of
> impoliteness.
> In North America, it is common in, for example, journalism to refer
> to an individual by last name throughout an article, after introducing
> the full name the first time it is used.  Sort of like using an acronym
> but expanding it in parentheses the first time.  (And the attribution line
> with the full name seems to suffice in this particular case.)
> So maybe David intended to be impolite (though I doubt it), and Max read
> it that way, but it's not certain anyone else saw it that way.  ;-)
> -Peter
> P.S.:  Perhaps as many people would be offended by the use of their first
> name by someone unfamiliar with them....  but then using their full name
> might also be perceived as unfriendly by some.  You just can't win here...

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