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Tue Mar 11 23:23:27 CET 2003

BayPIGgies: Silicon Valley-San Francisco Bay Area Python Users Group

When:     March 12, 2002 @ 7:30pm
Where:    Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
Agenda:   PyChecker and Friends
Speaker:  Phil Lindsay

"PyChecker and friends: Easing the transition from ad hoc scripts to
stable, maintainable Python applications"

PyChecker can be thought of as "Lint" for Python, and is a tool for
finding bugs in Python source code. This talk will introduce PyChecker,
show some of its functionality and discuss some of the lessons learned
from its use in a commercial software development environment. The
presentation will be from the perspective of a happy user & interested
hacker. Some of the future goals of the project's authors will also be
described. If time permits, the speaker will demonstrate a couple of
small tools he has developed to also help in the creation of stable,
maintainable applications.

# Call For Talks: We are actively seeking speakers for BayPIGgies! If you
would like to give a talk at one of our 2003 meetings (any Python related
topic), contact us to coordinate!

more info including directions:

hope 2 c u tomorrow nite!


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