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Wed Mar 12 01:03:18 CET 2003

It's for multicast visioconferencing on the web. If you want un example see
The source file I want to convert in Pyhton is Websd. Your can donwload the
source files here :
SDP describe the information session, the used tools and other information
SAP annonce the session to all multicast group listeners
SIP is an invitation for a conférence
All this protocol are use for multicast. There is implementation to IP
Voice, H323, and other. I think it will be intresting.
I want to develop such a web site with Zope, Python, MySQL, RSS and XML.

A bientôt.

"Gerhard Häring" <gh at> a écrit dans le message de news: at
> Benoit BESSE wrote:
> > You're right, this is just a par of Application that list multicast
> > directory session.
> > The module have to parsed Session Description Protocol (RFC 2327).
> > This is the main ()
> Thi is still not complete. The .h file you posted earlier referenced
> other header files in the same project.
> I'll second Peter's suggestion of rewriting the whole thing from
> scratch using the spec with unit tests.
> As I personally have no need for a "Session Description Protocol" for
> Multimedia apps (RFC 2327), it's unlikely I'd find the motivation to
> create an implementation. Especially as I've a bunch of other more
> interesting (to me) open-source projects to work on.
> I have no idea what SDP is good for. A quick Google search suggests it
> has some relation with SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), which I've
> at least heard of before, but still don't know what it's all about ...
> Gerhard
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