Tkinter callback problem

Chad Netzer cnetzer at
Thu Mar 13 21:34:56 CET 2003

On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 09:58, Jeff Epler wrote:
> It's likely to be relevant which version of Tk you are using.
> Historically not all fields applied to all events, but Tk would still
> cheerfully substitute a meaningless decimal for all fields anyway.  If
> they've tightened this up, it's a pity, because it will add complicated
> logic to Tkinter.

I just got burned with this when upgrading to Tk 8.4.2 on Debian. 
Apparantly, many more of the fields now return "??" rather than an int
string (during the _substitute() call in Tkinter).  Downgrading back to
Tk 8.4.1 fixed the problem for me.

If this change in Tk is not considered a bug, and will remain, than
Tkinter must be fixed to operate with the most recent Tk (as usual).

So, Ian, in the meantime, can you install Tk 8.4.1 instead (assuming you
are using 8.4.2)?

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