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How is the book coming along? Is there a tentetive publication date?

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> "Max Khesin" <max at> wrote previously:
> |Thanks - my whole research started out from reading your articles on FP
> |Q-n: what would the "closure" keyword add that a nested scope cannot
> |accomplish?
> I think its proponents think that having some special form for closures
> would help emphasize the intention of the code to a later programmer.  I
> don't think anyone claimed that it would make something possible that
> was impossible before (but that's true of lots of things:  listcomps,
> nested scopes themselves, yield/generators, etc).
> I don't advocate the idea myself (but neither am I particularly opposed
> to it).  Search google groups or the list archive for lots more
> discussion, or take a look at the related PEP 309.
> Yours, David...
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