Is Python the Esperanto of programming languages?

Erik Max Francis max at
Sat Mar 22 23:11:49 CET 2003

Carl Banks wrote:

> "The man go" is NOT ambiguous because the ending on the verb is
> superfluous (when the number of the subject is known, as it is here).
> No native English speaker will interpret "the man go" as possibly
> meaning "the men go."

But, as I said, how about interpreting it as "The man went" or "The man
will go"?  It may not be ambiguous in number, but it's ambiguous in

> Even your list of other possibilities for the meaning of "the man go"
> didn't include "the men go."  You only listed different tenses.  That
> you would even doubt the tense is, I say, an intellectual reaction to
> the sentence sounding bad.

What difference does it make precisely what reason the sentence is
ambiguous?  If it's ambiguous because it uses grammar improperly,
resulting in someone who understands the grammar to become confused,
how's that any less ambiguous?

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