Vote on PEP 308: Ternary Operator

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Fri Mar 7 17:09:19 CET 2003

"Jack D. Hammer" <thisisabogusemail at>
wrote in message news:AP2aa.351249$2H6.6408 at sccrnsc04...
> I don't like them for readability.  I rarely use them in other
languages.  So,
> I just don't see the need.

Other people do, but that's fine.

> One of the good things that I see about python is  its readability.


>  I think that this decreases the readability.

A vote for NO CHANGE is a vote for no change, for the status quo, for
limiting choices for conditional selection expresssions to what is
currently available -- such as 'C and a or b', among others.  Anyone
who thinks that 'C then a or b' (for instance, and my favorite), etc,
is less readable should indeed vote for NO CHANGE.


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