BOA and non-ascii characters

Leazen leazen at
Thu Mar 20 03:35:27 CET 2003

Are you using the unicode build of wxPython?

Tracker wrote:
> I found, BOA cannot use non-ascii characters in source code. It is a
> nonsense. :(
> I found even bigger problem with non-ascii characters. I created the
> example application (according to manual). Despite of the fact that
> help manual does not correspond to the layout of the latest BOA
> version and despite of the fact, that wxTextCtrl widget has no all its
> attributes in Inspector window (there is no Style attribute mentioned
> by manual!) I cannot write any non-ascii (cp1250) characters to
> wxTextCtrl content (Value attribute). It seems exTextCtrl can display
> ONLY ISO-8859-1 characters. It is a nonsense once again. :(

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