How does Python compare with RealBasic?

laotseu bdesth at
Sat Mar 8 05:04:14 CET 2003

Markus Winter wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just started programming in RealBasic and now came across Python
> (mainly because a molecular visualisation app I'm interested in is using
> Python as it's script language). I intend to write my first program (a DNA
> sequence analysis program) and wondered how Python compares to RB ...
> Thanks for any advice.
> Best Regards
> Markus

RealBasic is real cool tool for fast GUI apps (really...). But the 
language by itself is a bit limited compared to Python - limited OO 
support, lack of dynamism, no functionnal possibility... Well, it's a 
pretty good basic, but still a basic !-)

I don't know much about DNA sequence analysis, but I guess you'll find 
Python a better choice for this kind of stuff.

my 2 cents...

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