Expect on window (from python script)

erez erez at actona.com
Tue Mar 4 10:01:02 CET 2003

eddie at holyrood.ed.ac.uk (Eddie Corns) wrote in message news:<b40j4s$8l6$1 at scotsman.ed.ac.uk>...
> eddie at holyrood.ed.ac.uk (Eddie Corns) writes:
> >enough and maybe sending 'tester\n' might work.  I think a telnet client is
>  Duh, I meant 'tester\r' of course, the CR vs LF vs CRLF issue.
> >Eddie

I tried to do so (sending the \r OR \n OR \r\n ) but it did not work,

So what i can get till now is that i need to give up for the Expect
module for python ???
(it's pitty, because the pexpect module, seams to me like very
comfortable Expect implementation)

Thanks, Erez

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