win32com and MSHTML

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Sat Mar 29 07:05:10 CET 2003

Peter Parente wrote:

> Any help in solving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Reduce it down to a simple example that repeatedly reloads the same 
document, connecting each time.  From what you describe, you will notice 
pythoncom._GetInterfaceCount() increasing without bound.  If there is a 
simple win32com bug, you should be able to demonstrate this with very 
few lines of code.

Otherwise, there may be some other circular reference buried somewhere. 
  If you have a very new win32all, there is a "WithEvents()", which 
allows you to use 2 discrete objects - one for the IDispatch, and 
another to receive events.  But in general, the source of the circular 
reference will still need to be tracked.


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