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Gerhard Häring lists at ghaering.de
Tue Mar 25 11:44:25 CET 2003

Amir Hadar wrote:
> Hi
> Do cgi module and the CGI web server support Session?

No. You'll have to build your own. But CGIs suck, anyway.

> Do Python has a module for the Apache something like JServ?


> Do Python has a module for database connection? (like jdbc)

There's a standardized API with plenty of implementations, just like 
JDBC. It's called the Python DB-API, version 2.0.

> How about an application server for python (like python-beens)?

There are such beasts.

> How about support for Web-Services?

XML-RPC is well supported. There are also different SOAP 
implementations, but none of them seems to be well supported right now.

> In other words - can I build a full scale clustered web application /
> service with python?

Clustering is a different issue entirely. What do you want?

1) Failover?
2) Load-balancing?
3) Both?

For distributed network applications, Twisted has some support.

-- Gerhard

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