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Peter peter at
Sat Mar 29 13:54:58 CET 2003

Jeremy Bowers wrote:
> On Fri, 28 Mar 2003 18:30:28 +0100, Just wrote:
> >   """The Python people also piped to say "everything's just
> >      fine here" but then they always do, I really must learn that
> >      language."""
> Would somebody amplify on this please? What XML library do we have that's
> easier to use then DOM or SAX for real world tasks that doesn't require
> reading the whole file into memory to work?

I'm fairly sure the context you omitted would show that the comment
above didn't imply Python folks have some magic new library that
solves the XML world's problems.  It seemed to be a statement made partly
in contrast to the previous statements about Perl's "a zillion ways
to do it" and the difficulties that was causing XML developers using
Perl, and partly in contrast to implied other difficulties with XML
using other languages.

Basically, he was conveying that Python people don't find processing
XML to be a huge problem in any particular way, and I think that's a
fair assessment.  IMHO.


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