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"Peter Mott" <pmott at comp.leeds.ac.uk> wrote in message
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> The problem described by myself has been solved in Ben Hutchings post: The
> code belows works as we would wish - the binary file is uploaded and the
> number of bytes returned to the client:
> try:
>     import msvcrt, os
>     msvcrt.setmode(0, os.O_BINARY) # stdin = 0
>     msvcrt.setmode(1, os.O_BINARY) # stdout = 1
> except ImportError:
>     pass
> import cgi
> import cgitb; cgitb.enable()
> form = cgi.FieldStorage()
> if form.has_key("Data"):
>     fileinfo=form["Data"]
>     chunk = fileinfo.file.read()
> print "Content-type: text/plain\n\n"
> print "Bytes read:",len(chunk)
> The point is that without the import of msvcrt (providing low level
> support) the cgi module tries to treat all files as text and so the
> do not work. I am not a seasoned Python person but I don't think the above
> code is very 'Pythonic' but for me it is a perl none the less. Thanks Ben!

One last thing you might try if your web server honors the shebang
convention (as Xitami and Apache both do, for example, even on Windows) is
to use a first line similar to

#!C:/python22/python -u

This will cause Python to run unbuffered, and should obviate the need to
explicitly use the mscvrt module.

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