Extension Debugging

Bob Screenlevel bobsl at ananzi.co.za
Wed Mar 26 11:29:35 CET 2003

Hello everyone..

I'm working with a set of DLL extension modules which mask the
Dialogic telephony API.  They have been compiled using Visual Studio
(.NET), and they  are being run on windows nt 4.0 with python 2.2. 
The server.py that uses these modules uses 120 threads, one for each
line device.

occasionally it crashes with this, information: The instruction at
"0x00000008" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not
be "read". the addresses are always the same, looks to be a NULL
pointer thing, I've been lucky so far to discover as many of these
errors as I have - this one eludes me still.

My biggest problem is a lack of experience using C and the MS IDE. I
don't even fully understand all the debugging options available to C
programmers (debug symbols! compile options! etc), having never needed
them before now.

If anyone has any tidbits/websites/articles which could help me find
the cause of this error, either C/python or just C debugging hints:
Please share!!

I have a headache from not sleeping too well, and I'm starting to feel
more incompetent than I am used to.

Thanks in advance.

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