davlib - I stepped in it.

дамјан г. mk at net.mail.penguinista
Thu Mar 27 19:31:46 CET 2003

> Well, it turns out to be a web folder, and I need a quick
> crash course in webDAV. I downloaded the davlib and its
> friends and those import okay and all.  I connect to the
> server just fine. :-)  I can connect and close the connection.
> Big deal.
> My problem is that I haven't used webDAV and have never
> read an article on it. Is there a quick summary somewhere
> which will tell me how to upload files to the server this
> way?  I just need something quick, and I promise to go
> RTFM on webDAV (and maybe a book or two) later!

WebDAV is an extension of the HTTP protocol. 
To upload files you just use the PUT method.

It also defines some other HTTP methods that help in finding the properties
of the objects(files,folders), listing collections (folders) , locking
files, etc...

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