Vote on PEP 308: Ternary Operator

David Abrahams dave at
Wed Mar 5 18:35:07 CET 2003

Paul Moore <gustav at> writes:

> mis6 at (Michele Simionato) writes:
>> This voting procedure forces me to write what I like the best (even
>> in the 'reject' case, I must check the last hated expression). I
>> have no way to express what I dislike the most.
> I have now voted, and no longer really care, but yes, I agree that
> this was the most annoying aspect of the voting system. Not being able
> to say how much I *loathe*
>    (if c: x else: y)
> was a definite lack for me. 

Yeah, I had the feeling when I saw that, that it was proposed just as
a way of killing the whole idea ;-)

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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