pygame and pyopengl

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Thu Mar 13 06:14:07 CET 2003

PyOpenGL can be used quite nicely with PyGame.  PyOpenGL also works 
quite nicely with wxPython, or GLUT (a GLUT wrapper is included with 
PyOpenGL), or if you're desperate for the masochistic thrills of retro 
GUI interfaces, Tkinter ;) .  It should, in fact, work with any GUI 
library that has an OpenGL context and tools for all the GUI-level 
goodness that's necessary for manipulating such a context (e.g. FxPy or 
Qt _should_ work, it's just been a while since I've tested FxPy, and 
I've never used Qt with PyOpenGL).

You don't need PyGame to work with PyOpenGL, but you'll find a 
considerable overlap in the communities of users. You might find using 
PyGame as your GUI environment lets you talk to the same people for 
questions about either part of the system.  Of course, the same thing 
applies to GLUT, where there's only the PyOpenGL community to go to.


Bob Roberts wrote:

>What is the relationship between pygame and pyopengl?  If I want to
>play with opengl, which one should I use?
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