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> Question: How in the world did you interpret those two method calls
> from the documentation?  In the documentation the method names are
> different and they both require that the GtkWindow be passed as the
> first argument.  However, what you have written in Python are
> different method names and the exclusion of the GtkWindow argument. 
> How did you come up with this?

Better docs specifically for the Python API are being worked on.  

Until then here are some rules for translating from C to Python:


  o gtk_   -> gtk. 
  o gnome_ -> gnome. or gnome.ui. (depending on header file)
  o g_     -> gobject.
  o gdk_   -> gtk.gdk.

Class names are in "StudlyCaps" (same as the C typenames without the "Gtk"

  o gtk_class_name_new() -> gtk.ClassName() e.g. gtk.TreeView()
  o gtk_class_name_new_with_foo(myfoo) -> gtk.ClassName(myfoo)
         e.g. gtk.TreeView(model)              

Method names are generally the same as C method names.
    gtk_class_name_method_name(instance, params) 
            -> instance.method_name(params)

    e.g. gtk_tree_view_get_column(treeview, 4) -> treeview.get_column(4)

In general, in/out parameters become return values. Usually in cases where a
"failure" would be returned, None is returned.

    gtk_class_name_method_name(instance, a, b, &c, &d)
            -> c, d = instance.method_name(a, b)


    gtk_tree_view_get_path_at_pos(treeview, x, y, &path, &column, &cell_x,
            -> path, column, cell_x, cell_y = treeview.get_path_at_pos(x, y)

Constants, e.g.: 
    GDK_KEY_PRESS -> gtk.gdk.KEY_PRESS
    FALSE, TRUE -> gtk.FALSE, gtk.TRUE


o instance.connect() instead of signal_connect()

o paths in TreeView/Models are just tuples.

o string lengths do not need to be specified

o The TreeViewColumn constructor can take named parameters for the
  CellRenderer properties:
     cell = gtk.CellRendererText()
     column = gtk.TreeViewColumn(colname, cell, text=i, editable=j)
Dave Cook

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