building python under windows

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Fri Mar 7 01:25:37 CET 2003

Damien Morton wrote:
> Im building python 2.3a2 using MSVC 6.0 under windows 2000.
> The projects in the pcbuild directory builds python.exe and python23.dll
> I want to build several versions of python, with various profiling options
> and optimisations turned on, and am trying to figure out how to build a
> statically linked version of python.exe
> I would have, for example,
> python.exe (2.3a2 unchanged)
> python_dxp.exe (2.3a2 with dynamic profiling turned on)
> etc etc
> Any help, suggestions, etc greatly appreciated.

I don't think you will find much support in the core for this.  As 
Martin mentions, it will be a matter of *setting up* the correct defines 
etc, not simply flipping them.

If you manage to do this fairly cleanly, consider adding a patch to 
sourceforge, so others could do it should they be so inclined.


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