P.E.P. 3.0.8 ???

Tim Peters tim_one at email.msn.com
Fri Mar 14 07:00:12 CET 2003

[Roman Suzi]
> (I mangled the subject as I guess people put it into their filters ;-)

It worked.

> So, what is the progress of the subject?


> I seem to miss voting altogether. And I understood that proposal failed
> public approval.

That depends on which subset of votes you look at, or how creative you are
in combining them.  Some people have invented entirely new tallying schemes,
just to prove they're unbiased by rigging the outcome to one they despise.

> Has Guido already decided this way or that?

Nobody knows yet:  he hasn't broken silence.  For monumental decisions like
this, he likes to wander in the Amsterdam desert, fasting for 40 days first.
That was admittedly before he got married, though.  Heck, for all I know,
he's forgotten he asked for a vote.  That would teach the community a
valuable lesson <wink>.

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