OT: Re: Prime number algo... what's wrong?

nihilo exnihilo at NOmyrealCAPSbox.com
Fri Mar 28 23:29:06 CET 2003

Alex Martelli wrote:
> Max Khesin wrote:
>>(BTW, I got your book last nite - looks very good! Thanks)
> Oh good!  Now I hope some of those readers who LIKE the book would
> think of posting reviews e.g. to amazon (while those who don't will
> hopefully forget to)...!-)
> Alex

Alex/Mr. Martelli (which did we decide on?), do you know when O' Reilly 
will make the book available through Safari, their online book service 
(it isn't available currently in the U.S.)? The paper version is 
wonderful, but there is no substitute for the ability to do a full-text 
search (on terms that aren't indexed in the paper version or on code).



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