Is Python the Esperanto of programming languages?

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Mar 26 01:01:05 CET 2003

Andy Jewell wrote:
> I never intended to provoke a huge off-topic thread, with my little throw-away
> remark...

Ah, well, then posting anything like that to c.l.p. was surely
your _first_ mistake.  ;-)

> If it's all got too off-topic, maybe we should spawn a new sub-group, maybe
> comp.lang.python.esperanto.sux ... ? :-)  Hopefully this won't spawn another
> 78-odd messages, though!  We could always take over an empty
> humanities.language sub-group (if there were one)...

I think you're looking for the venerable soc.culture.esperanto, and perhaps
a proposal for a soc.culture.esperanto.and.python.sux.2.l33t.roolz or something
like that!  ;-) ;-)


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