No Do while/repeat until looping construct in python?

Erik Max Francis max at
Sat Mar 15 05:58:12 CET 2003

William Sonna wrote:

> That simply IS the case.  READ THE POST. He called ME names.  And just
> because you may think its great he did doesn't change THAT FACT one
> bit.

What name did he call you?  Troll?  Quite frankly, that looks like it
might well be an accurate label, given your behavior so far.

> As for what I said to J.P., I stand by what I said.  His was a
> shit-eating
> response.  Funny, yes, but shit-eating nonetheless.

He suggested that if you hate this Python feature so much, maybe you'd
be better off not using Python anyore.  Seems like an appropriate
response to the tone of your posts up to that point.  Your subsequent
rudeness only makes that characterization fit better, not worse.

> You may call me whatever you feel is appropriate, and as long as you
> don't
> lie about what I or others have said in this thread I won't respond
> and it
> ends here.

Apparently you think reasoned debate necessarily involves calling people
names whenever you feel it "appropriate."  That's really too bad,
because if you are indeed _not_ a troll, continuing to behave like this
is going to continue to get people mad at you, which is
counterproductive if your true intent is reasonable discourse.

(No doubt you'll now take the opportunity to call _me_ names, just to
show how right you are.)

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