A fun tool for demonstrating or teaching python?

Simon Burton simonb at webone.com.au
Wed Mar 12 03:41:03 CET 2003

On Mon, 10 Mar 2003 23:19:02 +0000, Tim Gahnström /Bladerman wrote:

> I am doing a similar project and have had some thoughts about using pygame
> as part of the project to give the students a good ground for building their
> games and stuf but my current questions is if it is overkill?
> Are al the features of pygame more confusing then helping to a beginner? Is
> that maybe later on for more advanced students? It is an interesting
> question that I havn' t yet answered. "Wat features are begginer looking for
> (or able to grasp) in the graphics departement". The answer might ofcourse
> depend on their age but my curren opinion is geared towards that they really
> don't ask fore more then the basics, thats what I wanted when I started I
> think.
> Tim

yes, i agree.
Not using pygame directly; but interfacing to classes (eg. Turtle) that
But, to learn basics one needs examples, etc, and i want to steer clear of
math/algorithm examples, and use sound/animation/multi-m as soon as
possible. eg. x+y concatenating sound objects x and y.


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