String to int newbie question

Rene Pijlman at the.newsgroup
Sat Mar 22 14:44:55 CET 2003

Boris Genz:
>I want to convert a number string ( '3211' for example ) to a number, 
>( actually integer ) preserving the original number

Is there any other way?

>( the exact number being string and integer )


>but if my number string starts with one or more zeroes,
>then the numbers won't be same...

Yes they will. '0027' and '027' both convert to 27.

>For example, if I have string = '0027' then int(string) would give 27.
>How can I add leading zeroes to that number?

By not converting it to an integer. It already had leading
zeroes before you converted it :-)

0027 == 027 == 27

René Pijlman

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