It feels so good, so quick and not C!

Rene Pijlman at the.newsgroup
Tue Mar 18 03:33:26 CET 2003

>I then decided to do a simple project to write a "reverse string" 

Guido has already done this simple project when he was learning
Python. He recently recovered it when cleaning up his hard disk
and now he is making it available to us through a special syntax
as of Python 2.3:

  "desrever eb ot stnaw taht gnirts"[::-1]

Towers of Hanoi is in the works, but the PEP debates about its
syntax have not yet reached a final conclusion. A recent attempt
to force a solution through a vote failed unexpectedly.
Presumably because voters were required to solve the
8-disks-on-3-towers puzzle in an interactive applet to prove
they truly understood the issue.

René Pijlman

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