windll and structure passing to Win32 API function

Constant rtconstant at
Mon Mar 17 18:16:47 CET 2003

I cannot find good tutorial or reference info on Sam Rushing's windll
related procedures. I have read the books and searched the web very well.

Here is my specific prolem. I am working with the Win32 API function
CreateProcess(), as the example for this posting. Some of its parameters are
structures. I will use the last two, lpStartupInfo and lpProcessInformation
to explain my problem.

First, I can create the two structures using Oracle(). I can receive
information returned from a Win32 API function, such as,

Second, what I cannot figure out is how to pass information in a structure,
like lpStartInfo. I can create it. But I do not know how to populate the
structure with data to be passed. For example,
I would like to set the elements dwX, dwY, dwXSize, and dwYSize to position
the window created by the new process. I set the appropriate dwCreationFlags
of the CreateProcess() function. My only problem (I hope) is how to set the
appropriate members of the StatupInfo structure that I create and then pass
this populated structure to CreateProcess().

My first desire is an answer to how to do what I just described, pass info
in structures. I have successfully used similar structures in Win32 API
functions that return info in structures.

My second desire is to know the location of any good tutorial and/or
reference information on using windll. I have searched the example scripts
and the web and the books, but such documentation, as I have found, is
woefully inadequate.


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