PMW ScrolledFrame

Martin Franklin MFranklin1 at
Thu Mar 20 10:31:35 CET 2003

Irene Barg wrote:
> The problem is this.  My top window is a PMW ScrolledFrame.  If I
> display the 'pages' of data in Column (tabluar format), things work
> great. For the tabular data, I use the grid geometry, and simple
> Tkinter calls. If RowsPerPage is set to 10, I can page through my
> results, and the interior of the ScrolledFrame gets refreshed 
> properly. However, if the data are displayed in Row (record format), 
> I use PMW.Group to create my 'record or card' look and PMW.EntryField 
> to display the fields in each 'record'.  With RowsPerPage=10, when
> I press the 'nextpage' icon, instead of 'refreshing' what inside
> the ScrollFrame interior, it 'appends' to it. 

I suspect it is because you are using pack to put the  Row (record format)
pages in.  When you use gird it will 'draw over' widgets in the same 
grid position
however pack will not in fact it will just pack them below (as you are 
you have two choices... change to the grid  or pack_forget the Row data
before pack'ing the next / prev page.....


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